Circuit Component Supplies Ltd

Cert No: 15751

We have the facilities to provide and produce any of the following

  • High temperature Polyimide/Kapton® dots and customised shapes in serial volume
  • Polyester thermosetting tapes
  • High temperature polyester tapes for powder-coating and gold-plating
  • Virgin and silicone adhesive PTFE tapes and die-cuts
  • Silicone and acrylic adhesive polyimide and Kapton tapes supplied on rolls 3mm to 500mm x 33m, including double-sided adhesive
  • Non-adhesive Polyimide film rolls and customised die-cut shapes
  • Metal foil tapes
  • Hot air solder levelling tape
  • Conformal coating masking tape 100% ‘silicone free’
  • Aluminium tape and die-cuts
  • A range of aerospace approved materials
  • Shaped die-cuts can be supplied from a sketch, DXF, or PDF drawing or part
  • ESD tapes

Polyimide Masking Dots

  • Resistance to high temperature, such as wave soldering – roller tinning
  • No residue
  • Low static and acrylic adhesive available
  • Various thicknesses of raw material dependent on application

Customised die-cut products for the PCB and Powder Coating/Metal Finishing Industries

  • Supplied on back-slit easy peel carrier
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove
  • Wide variety of materials up to 260ºC
  • Pull taps available to speed up removal
  • Constant dimensions and tolerance
  • Increased production rates
  • Higher savings on material costs

Aircraft Refurbishment Masking

CCS Ltd provides custom-made aircraft window masks in aluminium foil with an easy to remove lining which makes application easier and together with a low-tac PVC die-cut which will not damage the UV coating on aircraft windows.


Silicone Plugs and Caps

We offer an extensive range of caps and plugs designed to offer protection to male and female threads, exposed studs, tubes and holes up to 127 mm diameter.


Custom moulded rubber

Our range of masks have revolutionised the masking industry. Made from high-tech materials, custom moulded rubber masks can protect even unusual surfaces and parts against the most hostile finishing processes and are installed and removed easily within seconds.